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Originally Posted by Regulus-Fan (View Post)
^Yes, Aurora knows about sacrifice and I want to know what happened with her mother and her father. Do you think they really are dead? Could they have been transported to SB aswell?

I lost some hope for that aswell ... but I just can´t believe that they would introduce one of the most popular fairytale and never explore it.

But I do wonder if we would have seen her backstory if Emma/Snow stayed longer in FTL like it was originally planned by Eddy and Adam.
I have know idea. It could be verry well the case. But I like the idea of them beeing alive and mabey beeing somewhere in Storybrooke.

I agree, sleeping beauty is one if the populairest fairytales. They really should explore it further cause there is a lot of story to telll there.

I never knew they where planning in having them stay longer. But I think if that was the case a backstory could have been possile. Mabey it still is know Neal is with them.
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