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Originally Posted by freedom to believe (View Post)
it's really sad to use cone couple just to prop up another and the Pacey and Andie thing is really unforgiveable

That's why I hated PJ... all of these things had to happen in order for them to be together... Pacey/Andie, the one beautiful thing about season 2 had to be destroyed, Andie's character as a whole was taken down because Joey had to be pimped and brought up as this princess that could do no wrong, Dawson/Joey had to be tortured... these things had to happen in order for the relationship to happen... even then, it wasn't believable to me.

I am pretty sure Berlanti was not a PJ fan. I remember reading an interview with him saying he thought Dawson/Joey should have ended up together. Paul Stupin was the one who took over in season 3 and all of these things were his ideas.

Jerry and I have talked about Paul Stupin at length. LOL

I am convinced that Ephram/Amy were the result of Berlanti seeing the mistakes that were made on Dawson's Creek and he didn't want his own show going there. I do wonder if it was Berlanti or Rina who decided on having Bright cheat. Maybe they both decided that. Berlanti made sure Ephram/Amy were untouched as far as doing anything to mess with them too severely. I will always be appreciative of this.
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