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Originally Posted by twentysevenseconds (View Post)
that scene, too. It was moments like that that revealed Red's true characterization -- he was so hard on Eric because he really wants what's best for him. He wants Eric to have more than he had, like any good parent. Eric and Red's conversation in "Hunting" is another of my favorite moments between them.
Yes, totally agree. In "Hunting," we learned when Eric and Red's relationship turned south. It also implied Eric and Red might've been close-ish. Their last scene in "That Wrestling Show" (115) where Red hugs Eric makes me think this was likely this case.

Originally Posted by twentysevenseconds (View Post)
I don't find the thing about Eric's chores so weird, though. I mean... what kid works hard at their house chores? I don't think that's necessarily an accurate measure of Eric's drive to succeed.
My comes from the fact Red was Eric's boss at Price Mart. Why would Eric work so hard under him there but not at home? He clearly thought he could get away with slacking off at home (and he managed to), so it would follow he'd think he could get away with the same thing at Price Mart.

Now, had Eric's boss not been Red, I'd have no problem with Eric's differing work ethic. But I've seen (adult) kids who work with or under their parents, uncles, etc. and they think they can get away with murder since they're family.
Kelso, it's for the best. Just like you and Jackie breaking up
was for the best -- and, after a while, she found someone better ...
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