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Thanks. Yes, it's not fun. It's all due to this immune deficiency called Selective Iga Deficiency. I've had it since birth. I had GI issues as a newborn. They even tested me for cystic fibrosis when I was only six months old because of the symptoms. Thankfully, I didn't have that. I didn't find out I had the immune deficiency until years later, though. Before that, they just classified it as severely sensitive GI tract caused by food allergies. That was technically right but they didn't realize the exact reason for that, the IgA Deficiency, until later.

Anyway, I definitely have to watch what I eat. I just get sick with anything that raises my blood sugar. Due to the lack of IgA (I have 0 IgA) it causes the GI issues since you need Immunoglobin A for your GI tract, especially. As a result, I have to eat things that do not cause as many upsets. The easier things are to break down, the better, in other words.

Alternative medicine really has been a miracle for me. Also, sports and exercise helped me as well. I think being so physically fit helped my immunity. I know I was a million times healthier when I was into exercising. It really is an important part.

What kind of exercise do you do? Swimming is a great option for fitness. It's fun, too. It beats pounding the pavement in the heat.
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