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Originally Posted by TL22 (View Post)
I see where a Faye Dartmouth fanfiction story has been mentioned. I have read the story and in my opinion it is one of the best Rory/Dean fanfiction stories

Faye Dartmouth has also written several other Rory/Dean fanfics that are excellent.

There are two other stories which are excellent

1. What Happens After The Story Ends, a gilmore girls fanfic | FanFiction

2.This Could Have Been Mine, a gilmore girls fanfic | FanFiction

Both stories are short and beautifully written. I consider "This-Could_Have_Benn_Mine" the best Rory Dean story ever written.

Enjoy the read.
Thank you for the these two fanfictions. I search good Dean fics desperately. They are hard to find. I like the second one with Dean moving on to bigger and better things. I always thought that in the end he would be better of without her. At least if she still doesn´t know what she had in Dean and could appreciate him. That is why I love Faye Darthsmouth fic so much. Because Rory has to change to deserve Dean in the end. And then they are a cute couple.
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I hope you enjoy them

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