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Originally Posted by sunny214 (View Post)
I am sick right now with a ugly cold and everytime I am sick I watch the Gilmore Girls.

I know Jared would never complain about something like that but what do you think what he was feeling or thinking during that time?
First off, I'm sorry you have a cold! I hope you get to feeling better soon! And aww to watching GG when you're sick! I watch it to perk myself up when I'm sad & it works every time!

Hmm, that's a good question & one which'd be interesting to hear Jared's take. I agree that his character was sabotaged at the end, and it was a shame because I think he was a great influence on Rory and a wonderful boyfriend. I understand falling out of love, especially when someone else comes along & sparks your interests in a way that weren't sparked before, but yeah, Dean really went crazy in s4 & did behavior that wasn't like his character. Glad you have that fanfiction to hold onto.
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