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Originally Posted by Talula78 (View Post)
Maria - You're welcome.

Quinn - Glad you like the title, that was all Maria. So, how are things on the JP board? Is it mostly Supernatural talk or do some people still discuss "the other Dean" role?
Today I was talking about the Dean role from Jared. And I thought to bring it here, too because I love Rory and Dean together and still find it a shame what they made of them and especially Dean at the end.

So hear is my post with my question at the end.

I am sick right now with a ugly cold and everytime I am sick I watch the Gilmore Girls. Of course mostly because of Jared and Dean. And I found an amazing fanfiction where Dean is the hero and get the redemption he never got in the show.
I love it! "Sometimes you do from Faye dartmouth If you don´t know it and want to read a fic where Dean is not the bad guy and gets the happy ending he deserves you should read it on

I was wondering how Jared felt during that time. At first Dean was a cool kid from Chicago who was intellegent enough to build a car and then when Jess (Milo) got in the picture he got dumber and dumber each season. At first to make Jess the cooler kid with the badboy attitude and the better match for Rory and later they let him cheat on his wife which was so out of character in my opinion.
For me it looks like hey we have this cool guy/actor (Jared/Dean) who looks cute and hot to now we even got a cooler dude/actor (Jess/Milo) and let the other character (Dean) drop like a hot potatoe.
I would be hurt by it.

I know Jared would never complain about something like that but what do you think what he was feeling or thinking during that time?
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