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I find it quite surprising that in the grand scheme of things, when all the characters in SB/FTL were hit by a sudden good vs evil type situation, there was a very obvious side that they picked. The dwarves, Red, Granny, Mother Superior, Archie, Charming clan, Aurora, Mulan, Phillip etc. they all were clearly on the 'good' side and showed it. And then you had the side of evil which featured people going in and out such as Regina, Rumple, Cora, Hook, King George etc.

And yet Jefferson has never made out that he's on some kind of side or that he is part of the grand scheme of things at all. He's very much to himself and his daughter. And he works with just about anyone, but only when he wants/needs to. For instance he could've been an asset when Snow and Emma were sent back to FTL and Charming asked for his help but he chose not to be.

I really wish we could get more insight into his character and the way he works.
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