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Originally Posted by kaleidocat (View Post)
I think the majority of the DTNG originals would be more open to a reunion special like what they did with the Degrassi High crew before DTNG. It would be a great opportunity to catch up, promote what they are doing now, and reminisce. But honestly I'm kind of terrified of it all. I'm much more comfortable with a reunion of cast members but what if they totally give one of your favorite pairings or characters the shaft and they don't get a mention? It would hurt so much.
Yeah, to be honest, I'm more interested in the cast members than the characters. And I already have my own head canons which neatly wrap up everyone so I wouldn't want the show ruin that. And I could see people like Christina Schmidt (Terri), Andrea Lewis (Hazel), Deanna Casaluce (Alex) or even Marc Donato (Derek) being ready to come back as themselves but not as their characters. I don't think the characters who got the shaft in terms of writing would want to come back, while those who are doing well off now (Shenae, Aubrey, Nina, maybe Jake E to an extent) think they're too good for the show, so we'd be getting Miriam, Cassie, Lauren, and maybe Shane, at most?
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