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Sarah: The reason I love Ramy was always the mystery in them. They are complete opposites who bring out the best in each other. Raising each other up, being each others rock. Proving they can be a real couple and fight and come out stronger than ever. Not to mention chemistry, and being able to read each other like a book to know whats wrong and would do anything for each other.

Mitra: There's no doubt in my mind that Ricky & Amy is the reason I watch Secret Life. I'm not ashamed to admit it, it just is what it is. The thing is, is that it goes for a lot of other people as well, and that's what makes the final piece of Ramy, Ramy. They are so heavily popular, they are so rooted, and that's what makes them so amazing. The amount of chemistry that they have, the amount of that fresh air vibe you get from them, is astounding. Ever since S1, a lot of us knew that something was going to happen, and it did because well, Ramy is inevitable and that's all there is to it. Better yet, their happy ending with each other is inevitable, and I'm going to enjoy watching every last bit of it until they get there. They're going to make it, no matter what anyone says. Now & Forever.

Ronnie: I came aboard the Band Geek ship during 01x07 when Ricky went over to Amy's house telling her that he wanted to be involved. It didn't take long for me to realize that I had loved these two since the Pilot. They are that destiny couple; the two who belong together no matter what. Nora recently told Amy that Ricky would love her whether John was ever part of the picture or not and I truly believe that. In a lot of shows you see alternate universes and there is always that one couple who defy the odds and no matter what universe it is, they belong together despite the circumstances. Ricky and Amy are that couple. They still have a ways to go but it will work out no matter the roads that are taken. They belong together, it's destiny. Pure and simple.

Tara: I love Ramy because even after everything they have been through they can still be together. That they can forget about everything they have done and said to each other in the past. It proves that there was always something between them and it wasn't just a simple one night stand, and besides who doesn't love a bad boy with a good girl.

Tanya: Why do I love Ramy? There are so many reasons as to why I love them, but the main reason being that their chemistry with each other is very sweet, sincere and sensual. We have two people who met each other and had a one night stand only to be tied together forever. I've been a Ramy fan since the pilot because I seen the mystery they had between them. We knew something happened, but we never knew if they would ever get together or not. For two people to grow from barely knowing one another to extreme dislike of one another to a couple that is very much in love with one another is a fresh of breath air for this show. The way Ricky and Amy's relationship is being written shows the realism of this couple and showcases the chemistry that they have. Ricky is finally growing into a man that he can love himself for. He's a good father and a good boyfriend to Amy. He's always thinking about her and doing great things for her. He's truly in love with her as is Amy with him. Their relationship is a remarkable thing to watch and yes there will be tough times ahead, but this is the couple that's going to beat all odds and be the powercouple in the end. They are endgame. Now and Forever.

Coty: I love Ricky/Amy because they have endless potential. They are not the typical bad boy/good girl pairing and that’s why I don’t think of them as cliché. From the very first scene you could tell that they were going to have much more than a baby in common. Their build up throughout the seasons was subtle but consistent and their scenes full of chemistry. Their love story is full of obstacles, confusion and insecurity but when you see them together you have to wonder 'how could these things be enough to tear them apart and how could they ever stop loving each other?' and that’s when you know that they’ll beat the odds. They may be scared and doubtful about many things but they know one thing for sure: they want to be together for the rest of their lives. R/A are meant to be and that's why their love will be alive 'now & forever'.

Cee Cee: Why do I ship Ricky and Amy - simply it is the overwhelming chemistry I see whenever they are on screen together. I've enjoyed watching them go from being resentful towards each other, co-parents, friends/confidants and now falling in love and becoming a real family with their son. Ricky and Amy are not together because of their son, instead they have fallen for each other because although they are opposites, they bring out the best qualities in each other. Who doesn't enjoy watching a beautiful couple develop and grow because of the love they have for each other. Ricky, Amy and their son John are the heart and soul of the show and they are the reason I continue to watch the show.

Nicole: I love them because they're very different people. It makes things interesting. The bad boy and the good girl. Ricky was a person that had a lot of baggage and a troubled past, and I liked that Amy was the one girl that he had started to change for. I love that they have both grown up during the past few seasons, having had their ups and downs with each other as parents who weren't together, & have finally entered a mature relationship that's still growing.

Zeke: Isn't it obvious? Do you see the chemistry they have!!?? Their chemistry alone tears through my tv screen and kills me on sight every time! Not only is it their chemistry that draws me to them but their story in general as two individual characters. They were written for each other no matter what anyone says. They had this one fateful night at band camp and there their son was conceived but it's not like they just fell in love on the spot because of their unborn son. They did the opposite and ran from each other, the two of them have been on a journey to finally wind up in each others arms and it's great to see them happy and in love. Even though the development took years and the obstacles they went through were treacherous, they still made it to where they are today and seeing their journey progress with one another is always something to look foward too. Watching them beat the odds together is always fun. Beisdes those two obvious factors, they make incredible kids! Look at John he's like a born again pimp. I bet he has all the girls at the daycare going goo goo for his coco puffs! And if I need another reason then here it is, I like them because I can and it's free and king kong ain't got nothin on me. Word to my rhymes homie!

Colleen: The author Karen Casey said, "truly loving another means letting go of all expectations. It means full acceptance, even celebration of another's personhood." I came across this quote the other day and couldn’t help but think of Ricky and Amy. When they are together they accept each other for who they are without judgment in a world where people do nothing but judge them. Somehow, they manage to survive it all and remain strong together. While it took them awhile to get to where they are now, they have both grown into individuals who have let go of the past and who they use to be and see each other for who they are in the present. They understand, respect, admire, trust, and most importantly love each other despite all they have been through together. This is why they will last and why they are meant to be and this is also why I love them as a couple. As I believe Sam Keen said, "we come to love not by finding a perfect person, but by learning to see an imperfect person perfectly," and THIS is what Ricky and Amy have done with one another.

Crystal: Amy and Ricky's story is what drew me into this show. From the very beginning you knew they were destined for an epic romance. At first glance you may see the over used cliche of girl falling for the bad boy. However, there is so much more to their story then first meets the eye. This couple came together one night at band camp and created something special that would bond them together for a lifetime. At first neither person was happy about the circumstances. They held hatred and bitterness towards the situation. So each half went their own way. They had to learn who they were has individuals, grow up a bit and figure out who they were besides just a teenage mother or father. Once each character did there own growing, one learning how to handle his dark past the other learning how to be self assured and independent. Then they were finally able to let go of their anger and make their way towards a friendship. After the friendship started to grow until one day Ricky and Amy had to decide if maybe they should try for something more. We may have had to wait more than two seasons for Ricky and Amy to deal with their feelings and finally come together. However, to all us Ramy fans, it was so worth the wait because seeing their love finally play out on screen has been nothing but pure beauty. Ricky and Amy bring out the best in each other. They both have strong but different personalities that balance the other person out, and no matter if the disagree they still respect the other persons opinion. Even though they have matured a lot, Ricky and Amy are still growing, just this time as a couple and has a family. Im sure they still have a lot to learn but i for one can't wait to see how it plays out on screen. To quote a great song and an even better Ramy Video, with the progression of Ricky and Amy's relationship there will be a few mistakes along the way but together they are learning "The Art of Love."

Bia: Why I love Ramy is a pretty simple question to answer. I love them because they hated each other, I love them because they fight with each other, I love them because they make each other crazy, but mostly I love them because despite all of that and everything they’ve been though, they love each other and John more than anything. I think it's amazing that two people who are so different can bring out the absolute best in each other; I find it inspiring that when you truly love someone you will do anything for them. Ricky and Amy are an example of a true love story. They weren’t forced or rushed, they took their time. They got to know each other and grew to love one another and now what they have is special, something only they can understand. I appreciate them for who they are as a couple and how they have gotten to where they are. Ramy are amazing and they make me believe that sometimes when you're not looking love can just happen. ♥

Ada: I love Ramy for their chemistry and because they make a great family! They've always had this thing between them that's unexplainable but I can tell you it's the only reason why I stayed tune, just to see if that unexplainable something would be explored and once it was the wait was truly worth it!

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daren kagasoff & shailene woodley
Daren: I think they have a very good chance mainly because I think secretly I'm really in love with her and really want things to work out and I'm going to try my hardest to make it work out

On Ricky and Amy's dream wedding
Shailene: It would definitely be with Ricky.
Daren: It would be...probably be marrying the mother of my child.

Shailene: I see her the most happy with Ricky, with John, in an amazing comfortable job where she makes a good salary and she also still gets to play her French horn.

On whether or not Ricky will marry Amy
Daren: I think it's a matter of me saying yes or her saying yes. I think eventually he will. I think he has his priorities straight and has them set now so..I think it's a matter of maturing and knowing that he has a girl that he had a baby with.

Shailene: Amy and Ricky are solid. They are opposites but they bring out the best in each other.

Daren: I think deep down that Ricky really wants to be with her and wants to really make it work.

Shailene: Amy and Ricky definitely get much better, much deeper, much stronger. Of course they argue, what couple doesn’t? They have a great basis going on, and I think they’re going to be the power couple in the end.

Daren: Mine and Amy's relationship has been really good so we'll see if we take it to the next level. Maybe marriage, but I don't know we'll see.

On whether or not living with Ricky changes things
Shailene:: I don't think it changes anything. When you're in small spaces with someone you are in love with, disputes arise.

On whether or not Ricky and Amy will live happily ever after
Daren: I think that is Ricky's dream for that to happen.

On why Amy won't reconcile with Ben
Shailene: She's pretty into Ricky. She really loves her triad of a family.
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