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Now & Forever (R/A/J) #289-They're not broken, just bent

He was the womanizing rebel with a dark past. She was the shy French horn player in the school marching band. They came from two different worlds and yet, fate brought them together for one unexpected night that would forever change both of their lives.

She saw through his games and believed in the person he could be; he was inspired by her warmth and innocence to be a better person. As one tiny soul connected them together forever, the two ofthem, having nothing in common except for the child they created, fell in love with one another as time went by...

From Band Geeks to Lovers

By: nileyfan1

o u r favorites

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Special Thanks To
Leah (nileyfan1) for the gorgeous Ricky/Amy animation.
Erin (Scribbled Pretty) for the awesome cast bios, seasonal moments, opening banner
and for the adorable John section.
Crissy (Ice Whisper) for the S1, S2 and S3 summaries.

Thanks to all of our Band Geeks here in this thread. This is dedicated to you
and your loyalty to this fandom. Thank you.
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