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Originally Posted by sami95 (View Post)
One thing though - I'm finally convinced about who's to blame for the show going downhill. The writers. Olsen and Carr gave off this vibe that made me think that their only interests were throwing random crap story lines together because they seemed "exciting". If Sinclair would have stayed, I honestly don't think the show would have been cancelled.
Completely agree with this.

I got the impression that Olsen and Carr were largely unaware and unconcerned when it came to viewers and how they felt -- hence all the break-ups and absurd decisions.

One of them even said that she didn't think anyone anticipated a Dixon/Adrianna pairing. I guess she hadn't heard of the Internet when that couple got together.

I still think it was ridiculous how Annie barely cared about getting shot and almost dying ("Bad things are going to happen in our lives"), and even more ridiculous how her parents were barely mentioned as knowing about it, if they were at all.

Bottom line: I simply don't think that Carr and Olsen are good storytellers, and I wouldn't bring them aboard a show. I do think this series had its moments, though.

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