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Originally Posted by ElizaSparrow (View Post)

You forgot the paragraph about Rumple...

Nah, Rumple's just too complicated to summarize and I was working on a deadline.

Just to say it, I know I sounded negative on Hook. But, it's a lot easier for me to just see him as a TV character we have differing views on so long as I get those reassurances.

On Regina--I see her as having a very messed up childhood. It might be better to say that her view of the world is very self-centric rather than to say she's selfish. Regina sees things in terms of how they effect her. It's not just there in terms of her being a villain. Think of an abused child (which Regina was) who learned to view everything in terms of whether or not it would be dangerous to her. We're talking about a child with a certain degree of learned helplessness. She doesn't defy her mother because she's learned it's useless--or worse--to do so. For the same reason, she doesn't feel the same responsibility a normal person might have felt to interfere in things her mother did to others. I'm not saying she should have, I'm saying that a person without a sense of learned helplessness, even if nothing could be done, would likely feel frustrated and upset about not doing something to stop Cora. Regina learned not to feel that, to accept what she couldn't do.

The problem with learned helplessness, is that you can continue in that framework even when things change and you have options. Regina became a queen and a powerful witch, but she still has a very narrow view of things. Again, she sees them mostly in terms of how the effect her--especially if she sees them as threats. So, she sees Neal's connection to Henry--and Henry's connection to Rumple--as threatening to diminish her connection with Henry. She doesn't see it as something that gives her a tie to people who had been enemies and who may, consequently, be easier to work with or (if you want to be negative) make them less likely to retaliate over past wrongs.

But, if her view were different, she might clue in that getting rid of everyone Henry loves will not make him love her more.

Rumple: Rumple is complicated. His motives look so good. He loves Belle and is trying to help her. He needs her. But, will he destroy what is left of his soul to get her back? And how many cane bruised guys will be lying in the streets of SB by the time we find out?
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