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Originally Posted by Kelaine (View Post)
Hook: I'm not trying to rehash the differences of opinion, here. Just, promise me, everyone who accepts Hook as more the swashbuckling pirate hero or anti-hero, if you are ever on a jury and a guy defends himself by saying he wasn't shooting to kill when he shot a girl in the back, YOU WON"T BELIEVE HIM.

Especially if he did it in poor lighting. And if he has a history of violence.

And, promise me, if you ever find yourself alone with a guy who makes crude, sexual remarks about women no matter how inappropriate the circumstances--like, say, to a woman when her husband, a cop, is present and they're investigating the site where he tortured a guy into giving him information on someone he's stated repeatedly he means to kill--you will be dialing 911 and putting as much distance as possible between you.

Regina: I've kind of given up on looking for redemption for Regina. I still don't think she's a sociopath in the strict sense--she is capable of feeling empathy for Henry--but her utter selfishness where everything in the universe is judged by how it impacts her (murder all of SB and not have competition for Henry's affection equals good in her mind) is too much. She could become Mother Teresa right now and I wouldn't turn my back on her. Ever.
You forgot the paragraph about Rumple...
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