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Originally Posted by niansomerhalder (View Post)
The china trip has been settled. Nina won't go with him. Only Ian.
I cant say exactly schedule now, it will be announced soon
This is just my opinion, but I think a trip to China right now is a bit risky considering North Korea's threat to launch a nuclear missile, which has actually been put in place to launch. Whether they will actually do it is a different scenario, although I don't think they will. South Korea and Japan, as well as the U.S.A military bases in that region are on high alert right now. China has put their military along their border with North Korea in case there are refuges trying to cross over. Not that China is a target, nor would they be in any form or fashion, but travelers could get caught up in the turmoil that could ensue if North Korea does something stupid. China certainly does not wants to get caught up in a war in their region. If Ian goes, I can certainly understand why he would go alone, although I wish he would completely reschedule his trip for another time. Ian loves Nina way too much to put her in any kind of danger.

As for the wrap parties, there have been pictures sent out in the past. Typically there is a wrap party locally in Atlanta for the cast and crew. It was either Candice, Erica Young or Trevor Stott that sent pictures out last year. There is a warp party for all the CW shows together at the WB Studio lot in LA. Julie usually hosts a more intimate BBQ / wrap party/gathering at her house. Ian and Nina have never missed attending that one.
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