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I`m glad that you share the same appreciation for that very hot drinking scene as i do. I still wish that we had gotten to seen Elena and Rebekah make out with each other afterwards though.

Also you have great taste with slash ships. I`m a huge shipper of Klefan and ship Jyler just as hard. We gotten so many great scenes with those guys. However i`m still very sad that we didn`t get to see Jeremy and Tyler fulfill their true potential together and just as sad that Stefan and Klaus will soon go their separate ways. I hope we`ll get a special goodbye scene with Klefan.

Lastly i forgot to mention this earlier, but i`m very disappointed that we didn`t get to see Damon and Elijah back together. How could TPTB drop the ball by not having them reunite? I would`ve love to seen Damon tell Elijah that he`s still his favorite Original.
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