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Originally Posted by NocturnalCouchPotato (View Post)
According to Wikipedia, he graduated (with honors!) from NYU in 2012. His personal website hasn't been updated since November, though his page on the ABC News website has a lot of articles. At least we still get a lot of Daniel Clark, compared to other Degrassi alums.
That is so awesome that he graduated with honors! Congrats Dan! It makes me feel bittersweet as a Sean fan though because I wanted to see him graduate high school. I think it would have meant so much to him and would have been a fantastic way to end his character arc as the reformed bad boy. I would have loved to see Mr. Ehl in the audience. But having his final moments on the series with Mr. Simpson, another crucial teacher in his life, are equally memorable. I think Sean received some of the more decent exits.

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