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You have excellent taste. Of course i`m disappointed with the lack of Klefan lately.

On the other hand, i`m very pleased with the nice amount of Elena/Rebekah we`ve been getting in the last couple of episodes. It was long overdue to finally get some new stuff with them.

Bex was definitely liking the new emotions turned off Elena, who was liking Bex herself.

The scene where they were feeding off of that chick at the same time in NYC was so hot. I`ve always wanted to see a scene like that with the ladies and it`s so great to finally see it happen. Of course the only thing that would`ve made it better if Elena and Rebekah had a steamy makeout session. I think that a lot of guys` heads, especially Damon`s, would`ve exploded.

Things were just as good in the next episode where Elena and Rebekah meet up with Katherine. The subtext meters were off the charts when they were together. If TVD was on HBO instead of the CW, we would`ve definitely got to see the ladies get it on, which we all know they wanted. That town would`ve burned to the ground if that had happened.
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