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Originally Posted by smeagolkitten (View Post)
I enjoyed the episode a lot, now Moffat intends to make us terrified about wifi. However, my best friend pointed out how similar this episode was to The Idiot's Lantern and the moment she said it, I can't help but agree with her.

In TIL The Wire fed on people's faces, trapping them in television sets, here we had the Great Intelligence having his lackey stealing people from their bodies, digitally uploading them in order to feed them to him...
I hought of the same thing didnt pick up on the spoons beng simillar to.the ones in the library but now i see it .. so many questions
And why was the the monasary i mean he did loose clara but why be there ?.. i love how his phone eorks there is like the 2nd time that phomes rung ( other time eith the little girl.back in roses time) .. so.many questions
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