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I rewatched the episode again with my sister and she mentioned that this episode left more questions than answers:

- What was the Doctor doing in the Monastery and for how long was he there?
- Are the spoonheads connected to the spoonheads from Silence in the Library / FOTD?
- Is the uploading of souls connected to CAL since it is similar the way it works and they are both Moffat episodes?
- What does the GI want? we knew he wanted to collect minds but we never knew what for
- When Clara came back from the data could she brought back computer skills. Is that related to her computer skills from AOTD?
- Who was the woman in the shop? Was it River?
- What's the deal with the leaf? (btw, I watched the posters and Clara seems to have a leaf on her hand for next episode)
- At the end of the episode, Clara didn't take the Doctor's offer and decided to stay home. What happens that she decides to travel with the Doctor on the next episode?
- The episode ends with the Doctor wondering who Clara is and setting the Tardis on Motion. Will he find out something? Is he going investigating?

and the thing is, knowing how Moffat likes to work his stories, I am sure all of these questions will be answered little by little, so I can't wait for the rest of the Series
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