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Originally Posted by theDane1988 (View Post)
Well if remember a classic storyline correctly, they used a regeneration to both change doctor and companions, by giving doctor amnesia/erasing his memory and planting him on a random location on earth. It was sort of my point that it doesn't have to be one particular way when doing the change and that it would make the show better if the writers could be creative enough to come up with another solution to such a storyline.
Oh see I never really watched the older doctors but that does make sense to why it's different now but I do think doing it that way is interesting give the show new life all the time .. Even though I like the way they do it now more people to connect I do get what you mean

Originally Posted by Musickat18 (View Post)
If memory serves, at least 1 classic companion died. Martha and Micky both walked away though.

I agree it'd be nice to have people walk away instead of losing them. Perhaps Moffat can solve the Clara conundrum to keep her from dying all the time.
Yer I like the idea of them walking away cause you know they are still alive and can either come and go from the doctor and still be human
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