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Ok, so I have been watching the promo and the clip where Emma and Neal talk Tamara over and over. Neal's place was completely Neal, I didn't see any traces of Tamara at all. Which probably means they are not living together. And when Emma and Neal were at the car, Neal said it belonged to a friend at first. He didn't say anything about a fiancee. But Tamara seems to be very invested in him, we also know she has an agenda. And she's saying hello to someone in the woods.

So maybe Neal is Tamara's wish, what if she was a fairy tale creature. Like Tinkerbell or Tiger Lilly or some other fairy or someone else. And she fell in love with Neal when he was a lost boy or someone else in one of his adventures. But she couldn't have him then and perhaps he had moved on. But the absence made the heart grow fonder and all that. Maybe she cast a spell or made a deal with Rumple (he didn't know who she wanted at the time), or even Hook. To be human with Neal and for him to be hers.

If she's in league with Greg, all I will be able to hear in my head is "it's a small world after all." And then I would wonder if she got close to Neal because she knew he was from that world? But then how would she know that he was? What would she have to gain from working with Greg?

I wonder if Hook takes off with Belle while she's Lacey. Kinda like he did with Milah or just takes her captive. Henry wanting to be a hero, tries to save her. He either gets captive too or becomes a stowaway. He ends up in Neverland and befriends the lost boy. Enjoying the freedom of being one without a very complicated family tree to mess things up.
I like your thoughts on Tamara, that she made a deal with Rumple, how ironic, to be human. I think obviously she's up to no good and I don't like her already, lol.

I don't think Hook takes off with Belle. I do think Henry will end up in Neverland. But I doubt Belle is involved at all. She'll get her memories back and be stuck in the library all the time and Gold and Neal will probably spend half the season in Neverland.

I don't really like the Hook is Peter Pan theory. It's a twist, BUT Peter Pan and Hook were enemies and fought each other so that's too much of a twist, imo.

The Greg stuff is finally interesting. i thought he was creepy at first but now I think that's a good story. Maybe Belle will get a little airtime helping him find his father, since she and Greg have met. I just wonder what Regina did with him.

And enough with Snow thinking she has a black heart. That's ridiculous. Cora was evil and psychotic.
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