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You're welcome, girls! I'm bringing this in from the previous thread.

Originally Posted by Jensen_girl22 (View Post)
Mima: My mind went to dark places now but...well, moving on .

Thanks for open the new thread .
Ilda: No problem, sis. I'm just glad I finally got to open a Regina/EQ thread. Wow. I didn't mean it like that. But yes, to move on....

Whenever you finish the Regina bear, you should totally send it to her.

I would like to do a drawing of her as the Evil Queen and the Evil Queen from Disney's the EQ. I want to show her that she made the EQ come to life for me. Which she did. She really made the EQ come to life. She's the absolute best. I also want to write her a small letter and send it with the drawing.

I think this will take a long time, though, because I haven't drawn anything in years.
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