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TFTNT! Here's a a part of the podcast you seek! As a quick thought once crossed Eddy's mind, they'd got a plan B to match Neal with another character because too many smart Oncellers had hit the point of his real identity, but fortunately, they stuck to their original script regardless of fans' speculation.

Eddy: You know, my two favorite scenes are Emma in the bar with Neal and it's the realization that Neal is Henry's father, that he is Baelfire, which you know something we actually came up with season one. And we're like: 'Aren't we sneaky?' and then all of the sudden, you know, the fans are so smart they started to figure it out and we were like: 'Uh oh, do we change it?' but we loved it so much so that we said: 'No! That's what it has to be.' And I thought what was great about that scene is for me personally is that you see how much hurt and pain and history is between them. And then, of course, the scene between Bae - or Neal - and Mr. Gold. And that scene where he gives him the three minutes. I think those two scenes are two of my favorite scenes. You see a different side of Gold and you see his son and you see the hurt and you get to see these characters in a new way, but you also get to see all the history on them. And I just love that.

Estelle: And we lived with Gold's perspective for so long and then you hear Neal's perspective and it's just dreadful and you understand where he's coming from.

Adam & Eddy: Yeah.

Adam: For me all the ending, I love the final seer scene in a cut with Gold looking at Henry and just...what that could mean.

Eddy: Everyone in this episode was fantastic! And Jennifer was fantastic and Michael was fantastic and Jared was fantastic and Robert was just fantastic - we really love this episode! We were really excited and then they just elevated it for us. You know, you just see it and you really made it feel real.

Estelle: Yeah. You definitely have some power players in that apartment.

Adam: Yeah!
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