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Original report credit to Kyzzx. My bits are in bold.

The Monster Isolation

Raj is sitting in an empty coffee shop with potential love interest, Lucy. He is talking about himself and where he has studied and that he is an astrophysicist. In the first take, he says "So I went to Cambridge to study astronomy, which is good because Cambridge looks like Hogwart. Now I am an astrophysicist at Caltech. So you could say that Raj is my name and stars are my game. Rhyming is also my game." [This dialogue was much shorter in the second take] He stops talking and asks her to talk about herself. She says, "I have to go to the bathroom." and gets up and he says, "We have so much in common! I go to the bathroom, too! More frequently than I'd care to admit... but I got it checked out. It's nothing." She excuses herself and he's smiling because he thinks the date is going super well. He asks the server for a chai refill and says "I have a good feeling about this!" As he's saying this to himself, you see Lucy outside, walking away. [This got a lot of sad awwws from the audience which is not exactly the reaction they want just before the credits, so in the second take] Raj walks back to their table and says "I should have brought the condoms!"

Sheldon is in his apartment sitting on the couch in front of his "Fun With Flags" whiteboard. You hear the classic (can I call it that now?), "Hello. I'm Dr. Sheldon Cooper. This is Dr. Sheldon Cooper presents: Fun with Flags. I'm sorry this is going up so late. I did tape an episode last week in honor of Black History month, but my roommate said that my portrayal of George Washington Carver was so spot-on that it was inherently (wildly) racist." He gives a shout out to the Afro-American community because, like him, they've been oppressed by "the man".
He says that he knows that there are some flag novices out there, and this episode is for them.
He goes on to say it's a very special episode because his guest 'star' is someone who's his friend, neighbor, and flag virgin - "But not real virgin. She's had coitus many times. Sometimes within earshot of this flag enthusiast. Once while I was watching The Incredibles. Penny." and she sits down and says hello to the camera. He asks her if she's ready to learn about flags and she says, "Oh, yeah, you know I can't tell you how many times I've been at a party and people start talking about flags and I just can't join in." and he says, "Well, you've come to the right place."

Penny asks if he can pause the camera for a second and he does. She says that he should act as if they were having a conversation instead of looking at the camera all the time. He says that he's getting some 'robotic' comments in youtube. He thought they were meant as compliments. She mentions that in her acting class they've been learning a lot about body language and she asks if she can give him some suggestions. She says when he's hunched over, he's shutting the audience out. Sitting up straight with your chest out invites the audience in. He says, "Ohhh, right. Which one do I want?" and she replies, "Let's try open."

They start again, and he leans back VERY awkwardly on the couch (this is something done in such a fashion that you're just gonna have to wait until you see it to understand - it's up there with the, "there, there, Sheldon's here" in Adhesive Duck. He turns towards her and leans back towards the corner of the couch, putting one arm over the armrest and the other one behind Penny.). She says, "Um, well, I'm from Nebraska. What can you tell me about the state flag?" He pats her playfully on the arm and says that's a great question. He holds up Nebraska's flag and says, "Nebraska's flag is a blue flag with the state seal on it." There's a pause and a silence, and as he's holding up the flag for the camera, he spreads his legs so you just get this open view of his crotch, LOL.
Penny is just staring at the camera and Sheldon says, "Come on, Penny, open (spread) your legs. Invite them in." LOLOLOLOL.

Bernadette, Howard, and Leonard are standing outside Raj's apartment door. They yell inside and he yells back. Howard is surprised he's alive. Raj is like, "Just because I stopped going to work and answering my phone, you think something bad happened?! What if something good happened?"
Bernadette asks, "Did something good happen?" and he says, "NO! Are you kidding? NOTHING GOOD EVER HAPPENS TO ME." They knock again. Raj says he's a monster, don't laugh at me!
He opens the door and his hair is a mess, he hasn't shaved, is wearing a white shirt with holes and stains (very Queen Penelope playing Conan the Barbarian style) and Leonard is like, "Woah." Raj: Woah what? Leonard: Nothing, just "Whoa". They come in and Bernie says that the smell is so ripe she can feel it in her eyes.

Raj explains that this girl ditched him on their date. Howard asks if he killed, chopped and stashed her there because that would explain the smell. Raj vows to never leave the apartment again while mentioning he was able to order live lobsters on Amazon. Leonard says "Really?" and Raj shows him the order on his cellphone. Howard says that if they could order steaks then they could have surf n' turf. Leonard asks if he could order a corn cob too. Bernie claps for attention and tells L/H "Hey, we're trying to get him out of here, not you in". Raj tells them to go away, he wants to be alone, and goes into his room. Leonard says "Now what?" Howard: "I don't know". Bernie: "We could discuss it over lunch at Red Lobster". L/H stare at her and she says "What? I am thinking what you were saying, only I had the decency to wait for him to leave!". Raj goes into his room and the other three leave to go to Red Lobster.

The next day, Sheldon is video chatting with Amy, who is at work in the lab working with her monkeys whilst on their nicotine addiction study schedule. They have them down to 1 cigarette a day. You hear crazy monkey sounds in the background and Amy periodically yells back at the monkey. She says that those monkeys are making her miss her marijuana addiction subjects. "Those fellas were always so mellow". He mentions that the new episode of Fun with Flags is up, she says "Oh yeah... how did it go with Penny?" and he mentions that Penny helped him a lot with his body language and he shows Amy by putting his arms in the air. He opens his arms to show "open" and puts his arms around his body to show "shut in". He demonstrates twice. He says he's been getting good feedback on youtube this time. She says it's impressive and that he should go over and tell Penny that she did a nice job. At first he said "Why?" He didn't see why he needed to thank her. Amy said because she is your friend and she did something very nice for you. He says "Ugh, so many rules!" and then He agrees and goes over as Amy is yelling at him through the screen saying, "NO! NOT RIGHT NOW! COME BACK!" Then the monkeys start screeching again and she yells offscreen "I KNOW. YOU WANT YOUR CIGARETTE NOW. I WANT A NORMAL BOYFRIEND. WE'LL HAVE TO DEAL!".

As he's about to knock on the door, Penny opens it. She says hi and asks what's wrong. He's like, "Um..." and she says, "Do I need to shut the door so you can do your knocking thing?" and he says, "Um... no, I didn't start, so it's okay." and she asks what's up. He says, "I just wanted to let you know-" (he taps the open door) *knock knock knock* "Penny. That the answer to the person that did a good job-" *knock knock knock* "Penny. Was you." *knock knock knock* "Penny."
She says, "Wait, really?" and he replies, "Well, yes. I found your suggestions very helpful." and she says, "Aw, sweetie. You just made my day."
He looks at her and cutely says, "Okay." and quickly turns around to walk back to his apartment. Penny says, "You know, my acting class is putting on a play on Friday night. If you want I can put you and Amy on the guest list!"
He says, "Oh, that sounds terrible, why would I want to do that?" and sits back down in his chair and tells Amy that he dodged a bullet for them.
Amy says it's not cool and that he needs to go apologize and tell her that they'll go to the play (as she's still fighting with the monkey). Something is thrown at her and she yells "THAT BETTER BE TOOTSIE ROLLS THAT YOU'RE THROWING AT ME!"

He gets back up and goes over and knocks three times. "Much better." She answers the door and he says he'll go to the play. She says she doesn't even want him to go now, even though he's saying he's obligated. She says he should go because he wants to, not because he has to. So he says, "What if I want to have to?" and this goes on for a moment. He complains about "so many rules" again. She eventually tells him to just go and he says, "Well I don't WANT to, but at least that makes sense."

Sheldon, Leonard, and Howard are at the comic book store and Sheldon asks if Raj is still a part of their social circle because he hasn't seen him in days and he says, "If not, should we be interviewing to find a replacement for him?" followed by EITHER, "Like an ad on Craigslist India." or, "This time we should try for Latin." Howard says that Raj said he's never coming out of his house again. Sheldon says that's brilliant. He's been wanting to pull that trigger for a while. Howard says that Raj is upset because he "can't get anywhere with women". Sheldon says that if he needs to, he can give Raj some pointers on women. In the first take, Leonard says "Okay, I'll bite. What pointers?" Sheldon says that in his experience, the best aphrodisiac known is the mind. That and also he's a Texan and women do love a cowboy. In the second take, Leonard just tells him "No" and Sheldon looks thoughtful and says, "you're right, no". In the third take, H/L just stare at him and Sheldon says "I was just funnin' y'all".

Lucy walks in and asks Stuart if he remembers her from the other night. He says, "Oh, yeah, you left with Raj, and Howard says, "So you're the one! Let me tell you something, that guy is my best friend, and he's devastated." She says sorry and hands him a note and asks him if he can deliver it. Howard says "Ok, but you should know that Raj is a proud, passionate man.... you only have four or five chances left before he lets you go". She walks away awkwardly.

Howard goes back to Raj's apartment. He's telling Raj that he should be celebrating because Lucy came back and gave him her phone number. Raj is just in his underwear and a plastic bib because he's eating lobster with his bare hands in his messy living room. Howard begs him to put pants on by suggesting they have a pants party. Raj says he wants nothing to do with Lucy and that he's going to become a monk. He's renouncing all worldly pleasures, except for lobster...and garlic butter (as he dips the lobster tail he's been eating in butter sauce). He tells Howard to leave and to take Lucy's number with him because he doesn't want to be tempted. From now on, the only purpose of his life will be the study of the universe. Howard thanks Raj for ruining the idea of lobster for him and walks out.

As Howard is walking to his scooter or just walking home on the street, you hear Raj running to catch him, wearing nothing but his grandma underwear and his plastic bib and ugg boots. He says he wants the number so Howard gives it to him and Raj walks back confidently. [Before moving on to the next scene, the director had Simon record audio that may be added to pretaped portion on the street. He had Simon say three phrases in a hushed tone: "Classy", "Nice Ugg boots" and "Please bathe". I think one of them will be added as Raj walks back home. Howard's back is to the camera in that scene].

Amy, Leonard, and Sheldon are in the apartment getting ready to go to Penny's play. Leonard is pulling on his dinner jacket while Amy is sitting on the couch. Leonard asks Amy how her study is going. Amy says "Sadly, I am no longer part of that study. Apparently, we can dissect their brains and experiment with harmful substances, but we cannot throw their feces back at them because that's 'unprofessional'". Leonard says (to Amy) "Sorry" then turns around and says to himself "that I asked". Sheldon walks in and says he's ready to go. Leonard asks Sheldon to empty his pockets. He says, "The Nintendo DS." Sheldon pulls out a DS from his pocket. "And the PSP." He pulls out a PSP. "Now the Gameboy." and Sheldon's like, "Aw, drat!" and hands it to him. Leonard asks, "Anything else?" and Sheldon stands facing away from the camera and you can tell he's reaching down his pants. He pulls out a Rubik's Cube. Leonard's face encompasses not only horror but confusion. He says, "Just set it down." Sheldon is ready to go to "that stupid play". Amy says that A Streetcar Named Desire is an American classic. In the first take, Sheldon says that nobody told him it was about street cars, let's go! He runs excitedly out the door and down the stairs. Amy looks at Leonard questioningly and Leonard just makes the 'hush' sign with his finger. In the second take,
Sheldon says, "It's about streetcars?! Well, I'm not gonna need this." and he pulls out an oversized Etch-a-Sketch from the back of his pants and hands it to Leonard and walks out the door. Leonard just throws it on the couch in disgust and wipes his hand on his jacket. They all leave.

Then they're at the play and Penny is doing VERY well. Like, Kaley did amazing. All Amy, Sheldon, and Leonard can do is comment on how remarkable she is. Genuine compliments from all. Penny is on stage with the actor who is playing "Mitch". They are re-enacting the scene in which Blanche is trying to console Mitch and she tells him about her first love, who was just a boy. (Kaley killed the scene IMO). Meanwhile, there are two brief cuts to Leonard, Sheldon and Amy in the audience. In the first one, Leonard says "isn't she great?" and Sheldon says that she is and asks Leonard when are they getting to the "street cars". Leonard stares at him blankly and just says "Soon". Sheldon visibly perks up. In the second one, all three are genuinely looking at Penny all starry-eyed and in awe. Leonard again comments on how great Penny is doing and Amy says "Our Penny is a star". Sheldon agrees and says that it is remarkable how she remembers all the lines for the play yet, as a waitress, she cannot remember to hold the tomato on his burger order. But he's not being dismissive in tone; he really is impressed. Both L/S/A cuts are part of the same scene. They just cut from Penny on stage to their reaction in the audience twice.

Around this time, Lucy is showing up at Raj's apartment because we assume he called her. He answers and she says sorry about leaving him at the coffee shop and that it wasn't cool, then she tries to leave. He asks her to wait and then asks her what went wrong. She says, "It's nothing you did. It's me. I have trouble handling social situations." Raj asks her why she was at the comic book store and she says, "I saw the flyer and made myself do it. I'm trying to do things that are getting me out of my comfort zone." So he asks her out again and she says, "No, you don't wanna do that. I'm broken." and he's like, "No! No! I'm broken, too! Without this beer, I wouldn't be able to even TALK to you. Seriously. I have so many issues. Like, diagnosable, REAL mental problems. Maybe I have brain damage. So many problems." It's making her smile and she says, "How do I know you're not just saying that?" and he replies, "Go on one date with me, and I'll show you." She agrees and walks off. She says "text me!" as she walks out.

Back in Leonard and Sheldon's apartment, everyone is there (Amy, Sheldon, Leonard, Penny, Howard, Bernie, Raj) and Sheldon is announcing that he and Penny are doing a reenactment of the famous play, but now it's called, "A Streetcar Named Desire. And Other Streetcars." This is where Jim removes his jacket and all he's wearing is a white tank/wifebeater. Penny walks out from the hallway and they reenact a scene for about 30 seconds before Leonard gets bored and starts using the Etch-a-Sketch.

The tag scene is weird, actually, because they spent a good 30-40 minutes changing it and recording LOTS of different bits and I honestly don't even have the slightest idea of what they're going to use on-screen for this section. It seemed all jumbled and out of order. It's probably just going to be Penny and Sheldon reenacting the scene with a crazy science-filled script clearly written by him and maybe a pan of all the faces of everyone else.

Then it's the end of the episode.

I also feel like I'm forgetting a playback, maybe. Monique might remember, but I think that's it.

Ok, so the scene starts with Sheldon standing in front of the gangs (sans Penny) in the living room. He's still wearing his jacket. He says, "The 2311 North Robles Avenue players proudly present the adaptation called 'A Streetcar named Desire, and other street cars'". He turns around, takes off his jacket and grabs the back of his desk chair. He's wearing the infamous wifebeater. Penny comes in and Sheldon (as Stanley) asks if she arrived by train or car. Penny (as Blanche) says that she arrived by street car. Sheldon says "I'm just a simple man" and rubs the back the back of his head looking dejected. "I don't know about street cars or trolleys..." Penny interjects, "Trolleys are a magnetic mechanism that carry electrical current", etc. Sheldon runs to the entrance of the hallway leading to the bedrooms and yells excitedly "Stella, come out here quickly. Your sister is going to educate us about all manners of transportation" or something like that in the first take. In the second take, after Sheldon yells, he stands spreading his legs and arms open wide, then shakes his head slightly at Penny indicating that she should do the same. She reluctantly does it.
In the third take, after Sheldon yells, he tells Penny that maybe they should talk about the merits of urban rail transit until Stella gets there. Penny says "I agree".
The last take was the same as the first one, except that the director instructs one camera to be on Jim and another on Kaley, who just stands there smiling as Jim yells.

They did several takes of the reactions from the gang too. In the first one, they pan right to left on Bernie, Howard, Amy, Leonard and Raj. They all are looking like they don't know WTH is going on, except for Raj who is smiling widely and enjoying himself. Penny and Sheldon are off camera reciting street car facts.
In the second take, the camera pans over Bernie, Howard, Amy (same WTH reaction as before) but when it gets to Leonard, we see him take out the Etch-a-sketch and he begins to play with it. Raj is still smiling.
The third take is same as the second, except that when the camera gets to Leonard, he's already playing and he elbows Amy to show her what he's doing.

I'm with Kyzzx. I have no idea what they're planning to do with that scene. I think that the take that got the most laughs was the one where S/P end up spreading their legs and arms. The final position is funny and it ties back to the acting lessons. I'm assuming they're going to show S/P and edit the gang's reactions into it somehow. We'll see.

That's all.

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