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Val - I am glad the date went well and he is not a bus scrazy Do you think you will see him again. Congrats on going to America that is so exciting you are going to have such an amazing time over there.

Denise - I am always living for the weekends, with no job my friends are always at work so I look foreard to the weekend so I can see them and hang out.

Katka - You are going to love Budapest, I was there for a weekend trip and had so much fun. If you want me to recommend some places to go then just let me know. One thing you have to do is go to the spa with the medicaded pools and jacuzzis we had so much fun there, The language is not that scary we just learnt a few words to get us by and it was ok but there English there is really good anyway. Have you booked a hostel to stay in yet?

Hey everyone, so I am still jobless, I am getting so bored applying for jobs Tonight I am going out with my friends which is going to be fun, I need a night out epecially as its with 2 of my best friends so it will be fun. Tomorrow the rugby Six Nations starts, is anybody watching it? COME ON ENGLAND !!!!
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