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I can`t believe how neglected this thread has been for a while, especially with the great stuff we`ve been getting with Jeremy and Kol in the last couple of episodes.

Unfortunately our hopes for a Jer/Kol hookup were shattered as Jer killed Kol with the White Oak Stake. It was such a tough scene to watch, because i`ve been loving seeing the guys together lately. Jeremy and Kol had a ton of potential together and it sucks to see it go to waste. Why couldn`t TPTB have Kol kidnap Jer and take to some faraway place where he could train Jer and lovingly admire him while he`s working out.

Also i`m very disappointed with the lack of slashy stuff so far this season. With the exceptions of Stefan/Klaus, Jeremy/Kol and Rebekah/April, it has been pretty barren. Hopefully TPTB will find a way to remedy this soon.
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