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Originally Posted by valeposh (View Post)
Hey everyone.
My date went well. He's really cute... but we'll see. I'm not sure I'm ready for commitment right now.
My professor just called me and told me the US professor at the University of Michigan would be happy to have me either in July or January... I'm excited but sooooooo scared. July seems so close...
Congratulations on both, Vale!

I'm so tired. We started back up at uni again, and it's straight into two big essay deadlines, a lab report and a counselling practical exam.

It sounds like everyone is doing well romance-wise lol. Anyone want to send some luck my way? The last time I had a date was over a year ago, and that was a terrible one ;/

Jo, I love all your travel stories! I loved Vegas too, but my favorite cities of our mini-US tour are still Los Angeles, DC and NYC. But Vegas gets bonus points for the casinos (I learned how to play Blackjack and won 100 dollars lol).
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