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I kinda know how you feel about The Queen, our good ol' Queen Liz has been on the throne forever and its going to be so werid when the time comes and it will be Prince Charles on the throne.... though we think he will be overlooked and they will make Prince Harry King especially since Kate is pregnant and it's going to be the next aire to the throne.
They said on our tv that the Queen in the UK stays Queen until her death. That that's the tradition. That sucks! lol.

I've decided to go running in the spring. I've wanted to do sports for awhile now, but the gym here is so expansive. So now waiting for the weather to get better. Already got a running program downloaded and ready to go on my iPod. Also downloaded a running app to track my speed and km etc. I'm dedicated to it this time and ready to go! When the weather gets better at least lol. It will be a hard transition for me from not sporting at all to doing sports so to make the transition easier, I do not want to start running in the cold and rain. So let's hope Spring starts early this year!
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