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Originally Posted by Danke (View Post)
Doesn´t look good, funeral car just arrived
I'm sorry Katka, that's really sad - I hope it was pretty peaceful at least

Ummm, Hi guys! Remember me?!

I was alerted to a birthday thread for me which is SUPER cute considering I haven't posted in a long time

I hope you're all good - I guess I keep on top of most of y'alls goings ons on the tweeter (yay, Lauren!) but i'm sure there are some who I've just totally missed! (Katka - I saw you twitted too, though!).

As much as I enjoy your tales, I ain't reading back through 18 months worth of OT sooooo, if you have a major headline that I may have missed, do let me know!!

As for me? Good Lord i'm dull. I was working for a bank but I quit my job a week ago so I could go back to university to do a masters in the hope of getting a better job. We shall see - I'll either get an AMAZING job at the end or the course will kill me

Avi by Ragga!!!
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