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And it truly makes me sad to see this board go, but as you said it's better to end it this way rather to end up on the Low Post Count List, which this board was never on.
I am so proud that we were never on the Low Post Count List. It was a very close call last month, but we pulled through and barely made it, but we made it so that is all that matters. I would much rather do it on our own terms, then be forced to close.

I have a huge respect for all the mods on It's kind of second full time job, you have to be commited to it, otherwise it doesn't work, you have to be sure you're all into this. I understand that sometimes you just don't have enough time to post, but as a mod you have the responsibility.
Aw that is nice of you to say It is a big commitment, but very much worth it. It is something you have to have your whole heart into, but it is well worth it. I have met some incredible people through , people with some very big hearts. It is a lot of responsibility, but we all love and enjoy it. I don't really feel that it is a job, even though it technically is, but that is because I enjoy it so much.

Take care of yourself Rock family I am going to go before I start crying I know I made the right decision, I don't regret it, but it is still depressing. I hope this is the only time I have to go through this with a board. Goodbye, you amazing amazing little board.
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