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Thank you so much for stopping by Amorith Your words mean so much to me, as you were a main poster here with Dimple for a long time. Do not feel guilty for not being around, just like with Dimple, school comes first for you too And with the holidays just being over, it was extra busy for everyone. I did think about trying to keep the board going for a while without Dimple, but we would just end up on the low count list and be forced to close, and that would hurt even worse.

I saw that you anticipated a lot on this board, guess you couldn't escape from Dimple's charme, am I right? She's so infective.
And I was happy Dimple did get a co-mod on this board.
You are right about that she is the most energetic poster I know, doesn't seem the same without her. I miss her terribly. Dimple helped me so much at my Wentworth board, so I decided to help her out over here and ended up loving the show so much that I applied to be her co mod. We talked about keeping this board alive for a long time to come. But school comes first, and I know she had internet issues so that is not her fault. It was a real pleasure modding this board, despite it being such a short while. Wish it could have been longer, but alas, wasn't in the cards.

It is a pity I wasn't around when you were able to post more Amorith, as you seem like a great person I am always late to the game, getting into shows either after they are cancelled or they have been on the air for a long time. I am hoping our paths cross again. Thanks again for stopping by, I was really hoping you would, your words mean more to me then you will ever know

Thanks for stopping by Rod This has been the fate of so many boards lately, such a shame. Hopefully that bad trend stops soon. No need to feel guilty , with 3 boards I am sure you are plenty busy yourself
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