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Originally Posted by Beholder
I'm being shunned...


My unofficial Daniel/Emma song parody;

"People Will Say You're In Love"

as performed by Beholder

Why do they think up stories that say Daniel’s stuck on Emma?
Why do they say Katie’s okay, but Emma’s even betta?
I know a way to override what they call Chemistry
A list of "don'ts" that will work, you’ll see.

Don't keep holding hands with him
Don't please the fans too much
Don't laugh at his jokes too much.
People will say you're in love.

Don't sigh and gaze at her.
Your sighs are so like hers.
Your eyes mustn't glow like hers
People will say you're in love!

Don't look so damn cute, you two
While those cameras flash above.
Darling, they’ll ask about you two!
People will say you're in love.

The fan girls claim that she is to blame as much as he
Why do they take the trouble to deny what we can see?
They smile and sigh; and then you all see they’re holding hands
Just wait until the nosy media coverage expands!

Don't praise his charm too much
Don't look so vain with him
Don't stand at premieres with him
People will say you're in love.

Don't return her hugs so much
Don't keep your hand in hers
(His hand looks so grand in hers!)
People will say you're in love!

Don't dance all night with him
’Til the stars fade from above
They'll see it's alright with him
People will say you're in love!

They got it goin' ON.

beholder you rules...D/E thread.

Yeah? what is proper named for couple thread.

p.s I want to add or "Rant' what is H/G thread doing in Dan's forum. And that title of that, WTF??...
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