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Originally Posted by sweet_lynn
Oh, maybe I've already got some, even if they're probably just understandable for me:

Because he couldn't think of a good animal Emma could be (he probably likes her as a human being *hehe*)
Because she likes ruffling his hair and
Because he let her ruffle his hair, just because she likes it

Now, I'll go to bed and think of some more...
Hope, I made up my mistakes
here is more of Good "Reason" for D/E ship:

Because she thinks he is very, very cute. (interview from Regis and Kelly 04)
because she drags his arms to dance floor.
because he hates pop music but he dance with her anyway..(because he loved and cares for her)
because they went to same bathroom together for 10 min..(at PoA afterparty alot of witness saw it)

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