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What was done back then Patricia? I was a bit OTH fan but I can't remember. The one thing that sticks out to me is when fans saved Roswell.

ICA Candice! That's how I feel. I fell in love with this show and got my sister hooked too and now they might cancel it. It's in danger, but the good news is they haven't decided yet. We still have a chance to save it if all the fans come together.

I just got back from the store. I bought some blue nail polish and some labels to make my own "Ironic Taffy" to send out with my letters. I was also thinking about making a video to campaign for it getting renewed.

I think fans deserve at least one more season to give us a proper ending. We stuck with this show for 4 seasons, it's not right to end it like that on us and with that cliffhanger! Plus, I have been waiting from the beginning for Jane and Grayson to finally be together. I wanna see them get their chance.
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