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Originally Posted by Malexxx (View Post)
Call me child..whatever you all want...

But Captain Swan in a 'true´╗┐ love' and 'canon' promo?

It seems that Ed and Adam have chosen the fans that wanted and that they really were I'm done...

Once Upon a Time ended for me. I give up!

GOOD LUCKY Captain Swan win!

There are so many reasons that I love and watch ONCE...and as far as stopping because I don't like a pairing? seems a little extreme. I'm a huge fan of Hook...and I loved his scenes with Emma I thought they were amazing and among some of my favorite this season.

I think Hook is like every character on ONCE he has good qualities and bad...I'm sure he's done some terrible things...and people getting on his case is silly. Rumple murdered his mute maid, traded deals for babies, and gosh knows what else...and don't even get me started on Regina...we've hardly seen any of his (hook's ) backstory...and I believe that he wouldn't have left Emma. I didn't overly enjoy the Neal I hate him? I want him with Emma? I don't know..but I won't stop watching if they do..Once is more than one relationship to me..

Roughly 10 million people watch the show..there will never be a way to please everyone.

I just here for the journey that they take us on each week

on a side note...if the do find Bea...will he become a target for Cora too he's be leverage over RUMPLE?
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