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Originally Posted by Radames (View Post)
I have a question why are some questioning the validity of the promo solely because Captain Swan was featured? To me that's being ignorant. If it just featured Snowing and Rumbelle no one would be questioning anything but since it shows Hook and Emma people are questioning it, that's just wrong.
Huh? I think you are reading a bit too much into this. I can only speak for myself, of course, but I came here to post the link to Vancity Filming’s new pics, stumbled into this discussion and added a few thoughts on the question of whether or not promos are released with the creators' consent. It is my experience that particularly for ABC this is not true and they do what they want when it comes to promotional material.

This is why I, personally, tend to not put too much stock in stuff that's coming from ABC and wait for the show itself to reveal how the stories are going to unfold. And this is coming from someone whose OTP was featured rather heavily in this "timeless lovestories" vid as well. It's just my personal approach to all things ABC and it has nothing to do with one particular character or ship.

Just my two cents, that's all. And I'm gonna take a few steps back now anyway since I'm not really into the kind of discussion this is turning into again.
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