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Originally Posted by Sansa (View Post)
Rick, I hope to still see you in WoW.
Definitely! We still need to run some dungeons together sometime.

Say, is there a WoW board somewhere that you belong to? Does :FF: have any game boards?

Originally Posted by bandcandy (View Post)
I was feeding my habit as a spoiler addict, when I stumbled across FF. Saw it had a Chuck board, and began lurking.
Heh, that's exactly how I found this board too.

And it became a real home on the web for me - even after I swore off spoilers. I will definitely miss stopping by here every day.

It's sad to see the board close, but I understand. And I again want to thank both Emily and Hannah for the great job they did as mods and for keeping the board alive as long as they did.

Hope to see everyone around on other boards.
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