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Hello Everyone,

I'm sorry it has come to this. Chuck is one of the first TV shows that I really got hooked in, back when I was younger and just started to really get into watching a lot of television.

From the first episode, I knew I would love it because it had a lot of heart, and it's a story about love between, not just two people, but families, and throughout the years, it stayed true to that message.

It really saddens me that it has come to this, and I'm sorry that I myself didn't have enough energy anymore to be devoted to this board and keep it alive longer, but with not a lot of visitors, it really got frustrating that I was just conversing with my co-mod in a lot of topics just to make sure this survived.

I hope you understand our decision. If there was a way to keep this up, we would have loved to explore that option, but sadly, no one else expressed interest in replacing either Em and I should we step down so we had no choice but to request for closure.

Thank you for making this board fun. It's my home in , and I will always remember the random conversations we had in the Chuck/Sarah thread that will go on for pages and we look back and don't even know how we got that far on one topic. Then there's the weirder threads like Shaw/Sarah that somehow got a lot of activity for a while, and basically, the Chuck fandom really sometimes surprises me.

I will also miss the talented people who post in this board. We had a lot of members who made fabulous music videos and shared them with us, and I've never really watched fan videos before until they posted, but man, they were all gorgeous. There was also people who made a lot of beautiful graphics.. I'm sorry we never quite finished the CS thread remodelling...

I've made a lot of friends here, and I hope to see you guys around . Em, I know I will see you in Twitter and tumblr , Rick, I hope to still see you in WoW.

But, don't be a stranger you guys! I'm always on twitter, and also some of the time in tumblr, and you can always PM me here, but I wish everyone the best and again, I'm very sorry that we have to close the board.

i can see light in you
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