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Emma Swan♥Neal Cassidy #7: "Emma. Swan." "Good name."

Welcome to the 7th
Emma Swan Neal Cassidy

Appreciation Thread


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Fan Videos

It's Time
we're Like A Time Bomb
Never Let Me Go
Looking For You Again
Safe and Sound
I'd Buy A Big House Where We Could Live
If You Don't Love Me Just Pretend
Broken Hearted Girl
Stay With Me
Just A Dream
When The Time Comes
Miles Away From Where You Are
I'll Go Wherever You Go
She'll be a scar now
You will pull through
Ho hey
Holding on & letting go
Future starts slow
Far away
Broken fairytale
The one that got away
New York



Forsaken, Forgiven? - SwanFire fic ~ by NightEvans
17 Again ~ by snoopykid
Family ~ by OncePeetaHermione
Dear Agony ~ by r2roswell
Works in Progress ~ by Rosel
A Wish ~ by russianeyes718ouat7ncis
Stardust ~ by Faux Pax
If you don't love me just pretend ~ by Blackswan86
The Last Time ~ by SimpleLines
A Bug's Life ~ by Josephine77
A Stranger Comes To Town ~ by Snow Whitex Prince Charming
Forgo the Parable ~ by gostlcards
Because You're Young ~ by Victoria Squalor
When True Love Comes Knocking ~ by Clev
The road to home starts with a psychic ~ by stolenswan
[url=]Broken[/img] ~ by iamFez
For Emma, Forever Ago ~ by Rodrigo DeMolay


Because she stole the car he had stolen
Because she impressed him
Because he asked her out for drinks
Because he called her his girlfriend
Because they make a cute pretend married couple
Because they make an awesome team
Because he got her a Swan key chain
Because he wanted to get a real place with her
Because all her really wants is her
Because she was willing to go to Canada with him
Because she stole the watches to help him get away with stealing the watches
Because he didn't want to risk her getting caught/be in trouble
Because she basically asked him to believe in her and he does
Because she said I love you first
Because it's the first time she said I love you to anyone
Because he said I love you too
Because they trusted each other
Because "Tallahassee"
Because they promised to look out for each other
Because August could tell that Neal was in love with her without him saying so
Because his heart broke when he was told Emma was the key to breaking a curse
Because he let her go because he felt he needed to for her sake
Because he's clinging on the hope that they will be together and again and things will change
Because he tired to lose himself. It didn't work
Because he wanted to know about Emma. How she is doing
Because he said he should be doing the eleven months in jail
Because he fenced the watches so Emma could have some money
Because he left her the yellow bug
Because he hope those things would mean that apart of him is with her
Because he wanted to know when she would be free/when the curse was broken
Because she looked for him in Tallahassee for two years
Because she kept the yellow bug and key chain all these years
Because she made the key chain into a necklace
Because he waited for eleven years
Because they have a son made out of love
Because he makes her smile
Because she makes him smile
Because they have amazing chemistry
Because there was an immediate spark between them
Because their dream is have an apartment and jobs. They're dream is have what other people have.
Because they both were both looking for love and they found each other
Because they took the chance on their crazy dream of "Tallahassee" and live happily ever after
Because he seemed to have gotten his life together
Because their story has just begun



Tallahassee, Baby

*Both have the f word in their site address,
so you have to put that word back in when you try to go to those sites.*



Last Kiss - Taylor Swift
Broken - Lifehouse
All My Life - K-Ci & JoJo
So Contagious - Acceptance
Set Fire To The Third Bar - Snow Patrol
Every Breath - Boyce Avenue
We Found Love - Boyce Avenue (cover)
Seven Seas - Babyface
Best Love Song - T-Pain
Shadow Days - John Mayer
Teach Me How To Dream - Chris Walker
Open Arms - Journey
Against All Odds - Phil Collins
Without You - One, Two
Love Will Tell Us Where To Go - Bridgit Mendler
From Now On - The Features
Rolling In The Deep - Adele
Home - Edward Shape & The Magnetic Heroes
If You Leave - OMD

Scene of the Moment


Future Titles

Stealing their way into each others' hearts.
"There was an immediate spark and a bond between them." - Adam
"You love her? Good. Then leave her." "Never."
"Just make sure she'll be okay." - Neal
"We promised to take care of each other."
For two years she looked for him in Tallahassee. For eleven years he waited for her in New York.
Two months after letting her go, Neal can't move on.
It's hard to find true love. It's harder to let it go, even it's for their own good.
"Maybe someday we can be together. Maybe something will change."
She kept the keychain, he kept the dreamcatcher.
A yellow bug is tying them up even if they're miles apart.
Emma formed the swan keychain into a necklace.
"He asks August to look after her. He obviously loves her deeply." "Yes." - Estelle & Eddy
"What did you enjoy so much about Tallahassee?" - Regina
They're trying to get by and survive in this world together.
She wants to help him get away with stealing watches by stealing said watches.
They both got "issues" with love.
They're not criminals with an intend to hurt anyone, but to survive.
"Their dream is so small. Their dream is to get what most people have." - Eddy
Emma is letting her guard down for him.
Faking labor to get away? Watching a thievery couple shop-lifting never was that entertaining.
Henry playing "matchmaker" for his parents? Head-canon accepted.


Neal finding out that Emma kept the key chain and turned it into a necklace.
Emma learning he kept the dreamcatcher.
Emma to learn about August breaking them up and taking the money.
Emma to learn Neal has always loved her.
Emma, Neal and Henry to be a family.
Neal finding out she kept the car.
Neal finding out about Henry.
A present day kiss.
Neal learning that Emma looked for him for two years in Tallahassee.
Neal to take Emma on a date. (Callback to the pilot).
Neal to be there to celebrate her birthday with her family (Callback to the pilot.).
Emma and Neal to team up to confront August about his transgressions against them
Spending Henry's birthday with him
Henry playing "matchmaker" for his parents


Credit:Ron Cullen

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