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I really liked the entire episode all around. I thought it was a good episode for all characters involved.

Not sure how i feel about this "cure" but whatever. Also I wish the writer would give Damon his balls back. I'm not sure how much more of his mooning over Elena and sad Puppy dog look he gets when she freaks out about the nature of her Vampire side. I think he sort of wishes Elena was a bit more Katherine in a since that she enjoyed and reveled in feeding on people. I'm still hoping for a Damon Meredith hook up... Awkwardness on set be damned. Damon with Adult relationships is less pathetic and love sick and totally more bad ass.

Stefan/Klaus/Bex dinner I just loved it made me want to watch the Elijah/Klaus/Stefan/Damon dinner again.

Is Claire Holt Pregnant? Is that why Klaus dagger poor rebecca? I feel bad for Bex everyone betrays her.
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