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I find it very hard to swallow that Sam did not look for Dean, far as I know he did not even try so I'm not convinced that its because he had no resources. Nothing should have stopped him from trying to find his brother, especially this pop tart low budget bitch. Sam can do better, I'm with you on the confusion of Sam getting involved with controlling women and even taking their demands its demeaning to his character to fall under a spell, he cant be that gullible, the writers got it wrong. If anything Sam would def take the highroad alone, not with this lame chick.

I do understand Sam wanting a normal life but it is what it is and he just needs to get over it. Sam will never have a normal life regardless cause being a Winchester is a curse itself, something will come after him and whoever he loves, which will always lead him back to hunting no matter what so he might as well remove Amelia from his brain or let something remove her for him
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