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The Dawson's Creek Contest of Favourites Pt 1

The Dawson's Creek Contest of Favourites

This January it's the 15 year anniversary of the show's premiere. Over the years there has been a lot of discussion about everyone's favourites. Favourite season, favourite couple, favourite character, favourite...everything.

This tournament is gonna settle it once and for all.
How it will work:
The game is gonna work like some sort of survivor: the last one standing will be the favourite, the least favourites will be eliminated first.

They will all start with 10 'lives' and every voter substracts 1 life from their least favourite and add one to their favourite. When there are no lives left that particular season or ship or character is eliminated in that round. This will continue until there is just one left standing. That one will be crowned the ultimate favourite of the round. This way of voting also means that you don't get just one vote, you can keep voting (as long as you don't double post of course). It also means that you can vote on several options, although not all at once. Since we don't have a very large number of posters on the board this will keep the game going and keep it exciting.
1. Favourite season
2. Favourite premiere
3. Favourite finale
4. Favourite main character
5. Favourite recurring character
6. Favourite romantic relationship
7. Favourite friendship
8. Favourite family relationship
9. Favourite cast member
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