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Originally Posted by Clean0002 (View Post)
I think the problem was with how they introduced her. I don't get what the writers were trying to do there. How would they expect people to like her after that? That was a HORRIBLE first impression.
Oh yes. Agreed. It frustrates me when writes confuse strong with rude.

Sam taste in women suck majorly, like really Sam you want to throw Dean to the wolves for this? if she was a knock out then maybe I could sorta understand the hormones kicking in and wanting to pursue a life with her but for reasons unknown Sam goes for bossy fake unattractive women its like a repeat of the whole Ruby disaster a woman dangles a few petty normal life stuff and Sam is all in, wake up man, you are dreaming!!!!
I think it was the life (a life Sam has never shown an interest in really. His Heaven was him alone with a dog. No woman!) Sam wants to get out of hunting and I can understand that. I think he didn't look for Dean because he really had no leads, no help he could trust and more sense than to make a deal (and maybe other stuff yet un-revealled). Finally. I don't get him going for all these bossy women, though, when Sam is an independent minded kinda guy. Doesn't gel with me which is why I can't ship him with them.
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