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^True, its why I cant be bothered with Amelia, first impression is key to win some one over and she failed miserably. The writers seem to damage possible re-occurring females with poor storylines.

My nick name for her is bitchy bad vet.
fits her perfect, love it it makes a great title header too, yes come out and play Bee Amelia has many flaws

Originally Posted by Angelofnowhere (View Post)
Meh... she's so... unprofessional and pushy. It's all so forced. Why would a vet guilt someone into take on an injured animal when it's clear they don't want to? If she doesn't even get the basics of animal care then how can I even take her seriously as a love interest or a character?

Of course we know Sam has terrible taste in women.
agree!! everything about Amelia feels forced, she gives off a phony vibe, I certainly cant take her role seriously.

Yep, you said it right, Sam taste in women suck majorly, like really Sam you want to throw Dean to the wolves for this? if she was a knock out then maybe I could sorta understand the hormones kicking in and wanting to pursue a life with her but for reasons unknown Sam goes for bossy fake unattractive women its like a repeat of the whole Ruby disaster a woman dangles a few petty normal life stuff and Sam is all in, wake up man, you are dreaming!!!!
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