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The Oxford Union [OT]#84: Oxy's Getting Ready for the Holidays, Are You?

Welcome to the 84th Off Topic Thread!

"Perfection is intensely annoying" - Hugh Laurie

Off Topic Queens
01. Mrs.Almeida (Jen)
02. merveille (Lara)
03. only girl (Aroa)
04. Grace Like Rain (Kali)
05. how2savealife (Kelsey)
06. mokis (Mónica)
07. sam_doc (Andi)
08. entity22 (Ada)
09. Talkative One (Sarah)
10. Julien Suncrisbe (Silvia)
11. pinkpaisley (Yvonne)
12. Retta75
13. nonameface78 (Marie)

Oxy - Our OT Piggy Pal

Oxy is getting ready for Christmas

and he'd like you to meet his friend Olly

Off Topic Things That Make Us Happy:

Unsual Garden Projects:

Title Ideas
-Which Thread is This Again?
-Maybe Some Day He Will Post Here
-Our Real World

“The ones who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world, are the ones who do.” ~ Steve Jobs

- Andi

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