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Posts: 276 we go. This is just off of my mad memory...I will quote as much as I can, but I'm sure a great deal of it will be paraphrasing. Please forgive any weird typos...I'm thumb typing like a beast right now on my way home to beautiful (and 6 hours away) San Francisco.

Scene 1... University cafeteria...the 4 guys at the table.

Sheldon's drawing on a napkin. I think Leonard asked what he was drawing. Sheldon said he was drawing a hypothetical design for a frisbee sized wormhole to parallel universe where there might be alien life.

Howard: "Oh you little doodle-bug, you!" Leonard says that many people think that if we found alien life in a parallel universe, it would end badly for humans. To this Sheldon said, 'It's a frisbee sized wormhole...that you can cover with a frisbee. Calm down."

Sheldon then hands the napkin to Howard. Howard says "What, do you want me to build this?!" Sheldon said " No, but you can wipe that pudding off your chin, bye now!" Then he gets up and leaves with no explanation.

Howard said that it was strange that every day from 2:45 until 3:05 he disappears with no explanation. Raj suggests that he could be going to bathroom. Leonard says no and goes on to explain in depth Sheldon's bathroom schedule...and says 'that's just the tip of the sad iceberg' . Howard said he wanted to find out what it is, and he checked his public calendar and said that Sheldon has had an empty block scheduled for that twenty minutes everyday for the past month. What could he be doing? He decided to investigate. Raj said 'Ooh! This is going to be fun!' And then I think Leonard said some quippy thing, but I can't quite remember. That was the end of the scene.

Scene 2...Leonard and Penny in Penny's apartment. Leonard is making tea.

Penny asks about Leonard's work. He explains something about neutrinos, and she says (not knowing what he is talking about) "That sounds FUN!" and Leonard said it was, and she said that it was good she guessed right.

Then Penny gets a text and reads it and laughs. Leonard asks who it was, she said it was a guy from school that she's doing a project with...he's great. Leonard says "Oh ok....we're still dating right?" Penny says "Oh God, don't be weird, we're just working on an oral report. that's it!" Leonard said that he didn't hear anything after "oral".

Penny says not to worry, he's a nice guy and new from England and is trying to find his way. Leonard says that's just great because English guys have the sexiest accents. Penny says no, French, Italian, and Spanish accents are sexier...well nevermind English accents are pretty great (she said with a little flirty smirk and lip bite)

Leonard asks what he's texting her about. She said he was asking w hat she's doing, and if he wants her to tell her she's with her boyfriend. Leonard said that would be great, and while she's at it, say England sucks GO USA! Penny texts him and Leonard says thank you. She immediately gets a text back and reads it to herself and laughs. She said that Cole asked if her boyfriend told her to type that. Leonard said he really hated this guy. Penny said that he was coming over to her apartment to work on a project. Leonard is upset, and Penny says (sarcastically) that she'll just tell him that he can't come over and she'll get a new partner and she'll fail her class. Leonard said great, sounds good!

Scene 3...Hallway outside of Sheldon's office

Raj and Howard begin walking towards Sheldon's office at exactly 2:44. Sheldon walks out of his office and says hello. Howard says that they are going down to the lab to see the glow in the dark bunny. Raj says it's like a laser light show that poops everywhere. They ask if Sheldon wants to join them and he says "No thanks." and smiles and starts to walk off. Raj asks where he is going, and Sheldon says "This way." Howard says "No, WHERE?"

Sheldon evades the question nervously, and says "Where are you going?" Howard said that they just told him that, and Sheldon said, uncomfortably "Well that's your word against mine, I'll see you in court." Then he storms off.

Raj and Howard look at each other like something's up, then a few seconds later Alex comes out of Sheldon's office and says "Hey guys!" Howard asks her if she has any idea where her boss is going, and she says "No, the only thing I know is that cordouroy pants are too loud and I need to find pants that are (finger quotes) quieter." She then walks away while rolling her eyes. After she leaves. Raj said that he wishes he could get her out of her pants.....long pause.....and put her in a pair more stylish. In the second take, after Raj said this, they had him turn around and check out Alex for a while as she walked away.

Scene 4...hallway of university basement...same day.

Sheldon walks toward a locked storage room and opens and goes inside. Raj and Howard see him doing this by peeking their heads out from behind a corner (this was extremely cute and Scooby-Doo ish.) Then they walk to outside of the door once Sheldon is inside.

Howard whispers "What could he be doing in there for 20 minutes everyday?" Raj says "Well I know he's not doing 20 minute abs, because if he was he wou ld have way better abs."

Howard puts his ear to the door to listen, then Raj pits his ear to the door right beside Howard, so close that their mouths are close to touching. Howard asks him what he's doing. Raj says listening, and Howard asks him to turn his head around and listen. Raj says " I just can't do anything right for you, can I?" (They had to do this scene several times because Simon ans Kunal kept cracking up with their face so close, it was hilarious.)

Howard said he could hear anything and asks what Raj thinks he's doing. Raj said that Sheldon was such a weirdo, he could have Leonard Nimoy or Bill Gates or Stephen Hawking tied up in there. Howard asked why he would have to tie up Stephen Hawking, and Raj said that making fun of a man becuase he is disabled is "NOT OK!" (very angrily and hilarious). End of scene.

Scene 5 (my favorite scene)...Leonard and Sheldon's apartment. Sheldon is at his desk, and Leonard is standing by the door.

Leonard explains to Sheldon that he's looking through the peephole to see what this Cole guy is doing with Penny. Sheldon said "To be honest, I didn't even know you were here." Leonard said that he shouldn't care what's going on over there, and he doesn't and walks to his desk. Sheldon says "You think YOU Sony's care?" Leonard tries to reassue himself saying he has nothing to worry about.

Sheldon says (I'm paraphrasing): Statistically you do. Assuming you have average looks, that means that 50% of men in the world are better than you. That's billions of lads waiting to rain on your parade.

Leonard says that looks aren't everything, and he excels at many things. Sheldon says not at vision, height, athleticism, or dairy tolerance. Sheldon then says, "I'm not saying you don't have good qualities. You are a good sleeper and more importantly, you buy the grapes I like. You're a lot better than a snoring man who keeps bad grapes in the fridge."

Leonard says that it doesn't matter. He trusts Penny, and she's not going to do anything with Cole tonight.

Sheldon says "Not necessarily, he may be a hypnotist." Leonard just looks at him. Sheldon continues " She could be performing sexual acts with him without her even knowing."

Again...Leonard just stared, and then said that it was ridiculous.

Sheldon says "The mind is very complex Leonard, he could be over there having the time of his life while apenny thinks she's a chicken pecking for corn." (OMG I died at this line hahaha). Leonard gave his classic 'wtf' look, and Sheldon stared back, pointedly, AND THEN (OMG) Sheldon started bobbing his head back and forth like a 'chicken pecking for corn', and raising his eyebrows! (I screamed, btw...loudly...I don't even regret it this time...anyway I will certainly talk more about this later...back to topic haha). Leonard still said nothing, and Sheldon turned back to his computer ans threw his hands up, in a 'just sayin' sort of gesture. End of scene.

Scene 6...University basement hallway at night. Raj and Howard and walking through the hallway.
Raj: " I just love sneaking around at night, like cat burglars!"
Howard: "It's 7:30, and we're not sneaking, we're walking."
(In the second take, they argues about whether they were cat burglars or ninjas..they decided they were ninjas, but would be cat burglars next time)

Raj said " you're just fighting me on everything lately" Howard turns the doorknob of Sheldon's storage room and says it's locked. Raj checked for himself (as Howard sighed). Raj agreed it was locked.

Howard started to pick it, explaining that he learned to pick locks in Jr high when he wanted to be an escape artist. It worked. He escaped from friends, social life, and parties.

He picks the lock, but before they go in, Raj says "wait. Sheldon's a smart man. What if whatever he's working on in there is protected by a booby trap?" Howard said he was one step ahead of him, and shoved Raj inside. Howard asked if everything was good. Raj sadly said yeah.

Inside of the room was nothing but a chair and a chalkboard with '43' written on it. Howard asks what it could mean. Raj says 43 is a prime and sometimes primes are used for encryption to hide something.

Howard asks what he could be hiding. Raj says that sheldon's always been cage-y with the secret ingredient in his egg salad salad that makes it so tasty. Howard says it's paprika. Raj says "Well that's one mystery solved." End of scene.

Scene 7...Leonard and Sheldon's apartment. Sheldon is still at his desk. Leonard is at the peephole again. He hears Cole leaving and tells Sheldon he'll be right back. Sheldon says "I thought you left a long time ago." Leonard goes out and follows Cole down the stairs, eventually awkwardly running into him, and he says "sup?" Cole says hey.

Leonard asks if he's moving into the apt on the 5th floor. Cole says he's visiting a friend. Leonard asks if it's the cute blonde on the 4th floor. Cole says yes ans asks if Leonard knows her. He says "I see her around, but I try to keep my distance, I hear her boyfriend is REALLY SCARY. He's in a gang." Cole says that Penny told him her bf was a scientist. Leonard said that is the the name if the gang..."the scientists...they are ca-razy!" Cole says thanks for the tip and leaves, Leonard says " No problem, stay frosty my brother."

Leonard looks very satisfied with himself, then he turns to see Penny standing on top of the staircase. She looks angry. He asks her how much she heard. She storms upstairs. On the second take he asks her if they are still dating, and again she gives no answer and storms upstairs. End of scene.

Scene 8...cafeteria...Leonard eating alone...then Alex walks over and greets him.

She says "Hey Dr. Hofstadter!" He says to call him Leonard. Dr. Hofstadter is his father...and his mother...and his sister...and his cat, although he thinks Dr. Boots Hofstadter just had an honorary degree. Alex laughs.

Leonard tells about his situation with Penny, and her friend with the English accent. Alex says "Oooh I love English accents!" Leonard says "You all do."

After he explains the problem, Alex says she's sure he has nothing to wort about, and that she bets girls hit on him all the time. Leonard laughs and says yeah, girls see a guy with 2 star trek uniforms and say "i gotta get me some of that".

Alex says that she bets girls git on him when he doesn't even know it. (while saying this, she is definitely flirting with him)...Leonard says "really?" Alex says "yeah, I think so." It's quiet for a moment and then Leonard bursts out laughing and goes Nah! He goes to leave and thanks for her help. As he leaves he says " oh, I better watch out for all the women trying to rip my clothes off!" After he leaves, Alex looks disappointed. End of scene.

Scene 9...Raj's office.

Howard and Raj are trying to figure out what 43 means, and spend a long time coming up with different scenarios....some including the amount of calories in half a cup of fat free yogurt, along with the atomic number of a radioactive particle...they think he might be building a bomb, but Howard says that Sheldon couldn't even finish his Lego death star.

After a lot of time, they leave the office and decide that it's not important. They get about halfway through the hallway before turning back. Raj says "WHAT THE BALLS IS 43?" Howard says "I HAVE TO KNOW!". End of scene.

Scene 10...hallway between the apartments. Penny is in cheesecake factory uniform and runs into Leonard. She says "Shouldn't you be out spray painting equations on buildings?" Leonard responds with something but I can't remember. Penny is generally pretty angry. She started yelling "I can't believe you don't trust me! You know that Cole knew exactly who you were when you were talking to him!" Leonard asked how. Penny said she has his picture on her fridge. Leonard said that Cole led him on...he really doesn't like that guy.

Penny goes to say something, angry again. Leonard cuts in and says (paraphrasing) You don't understand. People hit on you constantly, and it's don't have to worry about that with me EVERYONE IS TALLER THAN ME!

Penny says that this is stupid and he has no reason to be jealous..."you know that I love you, so just let it go!" (while saying this she is angry)

Leonard is silent...then says "You realize that's the first time you've said that to me. We aren't going to make a big deal out of this, right?"

Penny is shocked and looks completely terrified. She says (nearly in tears) "Right, we arent going to talk about this because I'm going to start to cry, and then you'll start crying!" Leonard says okay, and Penny leaves, hurriedly. Leonard then walks into his apt and puts his head against the door...he's crying...he says "She loves me!"

At that moment he receives a text from Alex saying that she enjoyed talking to him and she's there if he needs her and they should get coffee. (it also has 2 smiley faces). Leonard says "Oh, this isn't good." On the second take, upon recoeveong the text, he reads it and smiles and says "She's such a friendly girl!"
End of scene.

Scene 11...Howard and Raj at the cafeteria with the laptop.

Howard says he installed cameras in Sheldon's storage room, so they are watching to see whay happens. Sheldon walks into the storage room and opens up a computer and records himself saying "After 43 attempts at creating a successful wormhole to a parallel universe with alien life. I don't expect attempt 44 to be any different." Then a portal opened up, and Sheldon started to go through it to a parallel universe. Howard and Raj are flabbergasted. Then, Sheldon is pushed through the portal and an alien creature sucked onto his face. Howard and Raj screamed, and then the alien creature landed across their laptop. Sheldon had been standing there behind them the whole time. It was a prank. Sheldon explained that he found Howard's cameras and set everything up. It serves them right for invading his privacy.

Howard asked Sheldon why he goes down there every day, really. Sheldon got SUPER serious, and intense...he said (paraphrasing) 'I don't know if you're aware, but just functioning in everyday life is challenging for me. I have a difficult time with sarcasm, basic human interaction, and not talking about trains all of the time. I have found that I need to take some time everyday to reset my mind and deal with that."

Howard asked what exactly Sheldon does to deal with that. Sheldon again gets very serious...then angry. He says "I'm not going to tell you. You don't deserve to know! You will never know!" Then he leaves.
End of scene. room

Sheldon walks in...sets his bag down and pulls out a hackeysack. He starts to play hackeysack, counting each time he can keep the sack from touching the ground. He makes it to 8 I think, and says "Drat! I'll never make it to 43 again!"

Tag 2...Leonard and Sheldon's apartment...

The whole group is sitting in the living room (including Amy, who is sitting on the arm of the couch next to the way, when Mayim finally got to the couch, she and Jim hugged and the whole time before action was called, he couldn't stop touching was adorable) and Bernadette. They sit and sort of laugh and eat for a second...then all of the sudden 'Call Me Maybe' came over the speakers. The characters started looking around confused...then it got louder and THE WHOLE CREW jumped in the shot and started flash mobbing a whole dance routine! The entire cast joined in! Then they all danced to "Goldigger" and "Party Rock Anthem". The girls did a solo to Beyonce's "Run the World (Girls)" The guys did a dance to Jay-Z "Big Pimpin".... The whole crew was dancing, and the panned up to us in the audience...but everyone was still in character. Amy/Mayim was moving like one point Leonard/Johnny and Berandette/Melissa got on the floor and breakdanced!!! IT WAS AMAZING!!! Through it all Sheldon/Jim stayed behind everyone and completely still...didn't dance at all...jist watched everyone with a confused look (although Jim smiled through a lot of it). At the end...the camera panned to Sheldon and he smiled and said 'BAZINGA!'

This was the best thing in the world. At the end everyone hugged and clapped...(Mayim ran straight into Jim's arms.)

I'm SO SO SO happy I was here for this! So this was the ep...I am more than happy to answer questions (as I stop for fuel and such, and I will type up more Behiind the scenes and my thoughts on some things tomorrow). I hope it was understandable! This was by far my favorite taping!

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