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Hi just thought I would introduce myself here, because I want to start posting here finally.

Name: Kathrin
Age/Birthday: 25, September 2nd
Location: Germany
Favorite TV shows: GoT, Veronica Mars, Emergency Room, TVD (at least season 1&2),
Favorite Movies: Pride and Prejudice, Inception, Die Wolke
Favorite Ships: Is this only Rupert-specific? If so then Hermione/Ron, If not: Klaus/Bonnie (TVD), Bonnie/Damon (TVD), Ray/Neela (ER), Veronica/Logan (Veronica Mars), Mac/Dick (Veronica Mars) and so many more
Why you love Rupert so much: Because he is awesome and such a funny person, I love his acting and everything

I love the OP especially the "Essential terms you need to know for this board"
you have really nice palms
Bonnie & Kai
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