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Gotta love these random openings….crazy!! Dean, Sam and Kevin! Kevin’s poor mom! Going to see if she is ok! Gardeners and mailman demons! Go Dean!! Go Sam! at them splashing Kevin’s mom with the holy water! Sexiest tattoo ever!! omg! It’s not there! The suits are back! flashbacks to purgatory! Omg! Dean!! Good math skill Sam! Beau? He’s going to be selling the tablet? God of Greed? Not Baby! “He didn’t mean it baby” Dean taking out all of his weapons! Crowley? I love Kevin’s mom hitting Crowley! “God of the candy aisle” forever having a love/hate with Castiel! Castiel in the flashbacks? Dean should never have trusted him! That was sad though “Costco membership” how much? gold? Where is Dean going? Dean....The Hammer of Thor! Crazy bidding for the word of God! Omg! They want to put Kevin with it! Bidding her soul? Crowley doesn’t have a soul… she is so worried! Poor Kevin’s mom! Omg!! Crowley is inside her! Crazy!! That was awesome Sam!!Go Sam!! Crowley is so evil! Poor Kevin!! Omg! They are gone! Flashbacks…aww…that was sad! Great episode! Really intense!
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