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Originally Posted by juju_b (View Post)
it's pointless to argue its closing. i will be opening a thread in the television board after this thread is closed. i will go check out the being fans forum though
Please do, it's slow, very slow. We don't get really any activity your contributions would be fantastic. I can't promise I will be coming around anymore but have loved talking to you.
You can also find me at as Darkness Within, there is only a lone thread for BH there, but it's a good forum with wonderful and insightful members.

@Chris: and I have made very clear why I think your policy is unfair to still running shows and your post shows no sign that you even read it so whatever I am done, and your stupid system might have lost you a member.
"Monsters are real and ghosts are real too. They live inside us and sometimes

they win"
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